True Wisdom

#191: The Reluctant Prophet (Pt 1)

October 29, 2023 Andrew & Robert Baker with Guests (@TrueWisdom_Pod) Season 5 Episode 33
True Wisdom
#191: The Reluctant Prophet (Pt 1)
Show Notes

VeggieTales had this song with their first movie: "Jonah was a prophet, but he really never got it..." but did VeggieTales have it right? Did he really not get the point?

Jonah was given a mission an he immediately  did the opposite of what he was supposed to do. In Part 1 of The Reluctant Prophet, Andrew and Robert cover Jonah 1 & 2 to set the story for Jonah's actions and reasoning in disobeying God. What was it it Jonah just didn't understand?

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